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Gosh, been busy the whole day I didn’t even have time for a siesta. I took advantage of the holiday today, there is no work. Tagged along with Josef and Jovy and did my grocery shopping for next month.  I had a grocery list, mostly ingredients of the recipes I want to cook come Christmas. It’s hard to shop when you don’t even know how to drive. We took Oreo to the mall, he was excited.

I also bought some garlands and ribbons. And here I am watching a tutorial on how to make a ribbon bow the easiest way. I chanced upon this lovely Santa figure with his sackful of gifts so I bought one too.  Then there is this door hanging decor that says “Please Stop Here”. Can’t resist it….haha!

I guess I could relax now, only a few more gifts, one more trip to the mall and I’m done.

Jovy and I went to  the bazaar near our place  where they sell all kinds of ingredients  and materials for baking.  Josef waited in the car with Oreo.  There are all kinds of baking chocolates, nuts  and everything you need when you want to bake. They discovered it online and  I was surprised there was a big branch in our town.  When I want to bake cookies and brownies again, I will buy here.  It’s Jovy and Josef’s extra earning venture. Now that it is nearing Christmas, there are lots of orders from their office mates.

It’s a long weekend, Nissa’s family and her in-laws all went swimming in Bolinao,  Pangasinan, about an hour trip from  our place there but about five to six hours by car from Manila.

Today is All  Souls Day. Let us remember our dear departed in our prayers.


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