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Have you ever felt it? You wake  up one morning, you’re not sick or anything but you just feel so lazy.

I went back to bed when Josef left home for work.  I woke up around 7:30 am and immediately checked the other room, I thought he was still sleeping. Did the morning chores of cleaning the house, watering the garden and sweeping the yard but I still feel like going back to bed again.

I’ve checked my reader feed here and my news feed at Facebook but didn’t feel inclined to make comments. How’s that again?

Maybe these are those times when I really feel the years catching up on me. My goodness, I just turned 62 and some of my friends say that it is still a young age.  Or is this how you feel when you are two years beyond  sixty?

Since Facebook has taken out all those troll pages, it has somehow become a quiet place again. But there are still those who can’t wait to click angry emoticons when some of our eight opposition candidates post something on their walls. They could not wait to make angry comments and rebuttal on those dissenting arguments by anti-Duterte people. A pro-Duterte fanatic admitted a few days ago that he is jobless now. He used to have fifteen fake accounts at Facebook and  used to spend the whole day making those fake news. But trolls I think are still everywhere, they just  no longer have those fake wall sites to propagate their liking and loving what Duterte is doing to the country. They are dividing us Filipinos and if one is vulnerable enough to believe in them, you’ll surely have your say too siding with the ugly and all the lies.  They propagate lies and untruth resurrecting  issues against the previous administration but they are so quiet when it comes to EJKs, (extra-judicial killings) drugs from China in billions’ worth and  Marawi rehabilitation. Marawi was destroyed when Duterte challenged the Maute group to bring their war to the city.  Oh my gosh, what else is new? Given all these circumstances, I wonder why so many still believe in the guy.

There is a strong typhoon that has entered the country named Rosita. It’s battering the  North at the moment. We are under signal No. 1 but thankfully, it is just gloomy and there are still no rains.  Thank God.


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