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“You tread lightly through life, but you leave deep footprints that are hard for other people to fill.”

A tale of love, loss and friendship. One of those books that you can hardly put down. It’s that good.  Is there love at first sight?

She saw him through a misted-up bus window. She was on the bus and he was sitting at the bus stop. Their eyes met and  they smiled at each other. No communication, no physical contact except that brief eye encounter with a stranger. Then the bus drives away.

For a year together with her best friend, the girl looked for him in each coffee corner and bus stop to no avail. Then one day, the best friend introduces her boyfriend. She was tongue-tied and speechless, the boy of her dreams is  right before her eyes but he belongs to the best friend. She never told the best friend that he is the guy she was looking for.

Such is the start of this beautiful love story One Day In December and it is also my first book of Josie Silver. I think this is also her first book  publication.

She didn’t want to be the third wheel in what she sees as a lovely relationship. The boy denied that they have met before but they became friends eventually. The girl even managed to get married to a guy she met later. As for the rest of the story, it is for you to find it if you ever find a copy of this lovely book. A feel good story spanning a decade of friendship for the three characters.

Sometimes you find a light read like this and you are thrilled. Sometimes you are touched by the message it conveys. Sometimes you just enjoy it and you wish the story would go on. But there is always an ending no matter how good the story is.

And fate sometimes has other plans.


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Sometimes I think blowing a candle on a birthday cake is something old-fashioned. But yesterday I did  it with gusto.  Nate said, “I’ll help you blow Nonna” while singing happy birthday at the top of his voice.  I guess, birthdays are not complete without blowing candles on your cake, having a liter of ice cream and sweets.  The ref is full with many left-over food and something I cooked earlier yesterday that we didn’t touch.  It’s just  the family, a friend and I. I guess I won’t have to cook for two more days until we’ve  eaten everything. Home-cooked meals are always the best I think. You can enjoy those moments without worrying about what to order in a restaurant setting.

Nissa told me she will bring me to the place where she learned to paint and we’ll have some moments to ourselves together soon. Not exactly looking forward to it but she said  I would enjoy it.  We’ll see.  My son gave me some cash and Lilet brought a jar of pili nuts and one of my favorite collections….keychains.  Received a nice shirt from Jovy.

We had some fun sorting out Nate’s loot at the  Halloween party at Nissa’s office last Friday.  He brought with him a big bag of assorted candies and chocolates. He gave all the wafer biscuits to Lilet because he is not fond of wafers, haha! Since Nate was born, Lilet would always give him gifts  on his birthday. Nate was overjoyed to receive more books and glow in the dark stickers from her.  He’ll be turning  six next month.

I received so many greetings on my wall on Facebook.  Some photos are just so lovely.  Nissa posted this yesterday. Just have to edit the resolutions so it won’t eat up my free space.


What does it feel like turning sixty-two? Growing old and getting older too but the enthusiasm of living life every day the best I know how is still there.  I look forward to the days that I get to spend more with the family and maybe learn some crafts too. I hope to make rosaries again for gifts to close friends who visit me now and then.  I have to start those coloring books that Nissa gave me  two years ago. Yes of course, I would love to discover more books and new authors too. Blogging of course would always be  a happy medium of getting in touch with online friends.  So really happy to find you all here.

Another year is over and another year is here to look forward to.

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