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I am re-blogging this post which I did back in 2011 when I met Nicholas Sparks personally. I am presently reading one his books (his latest, I think) and I suddenly remembered meeting  a real life author. Every Breath is better than some of his books I read before. Back in 2011, there was no “like” feature yet on WordPress.

Dreams And Escapes

I was a typical celebrity fan for a day, shouting, laughing and cheering with kindred souls while waiting for Nicholas Sparks at the Podium yesterday. Gosh, if Nissa was excited to give me her gift, I was just as excited to take a glimpse of one of her favorite authors, Nicholas Sparks.

The Best of Me.

It’s the newest book by Nicholas Sparks which was launched yesterday at the 2nd floor lobby of The Podium. I told Nissa earlier that I won’t be caught dead lining up for hours just to have a book signed. Signed or not, I could still enjoy reading it , right? Nissa asked me to just try since this is the first time that a very popular and well-known author is visiting the country.  I am sure there have been so many authors who visited the country before but Nicholas Sparks is “the Nicholas Sparks”…

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She dances to the music in her head

Her soul rejoices

And she is happy.

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