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Do They Still Sell?

I wonder if nationwide newspaper still sells nowadays. With the proliferation of online news on social media and real-time reporting on radios and on television, I really feel so lazy reading a newspaper. I’d rather read online news without those many and sometimes full-page ads that distract reading.

The Philippine Star is given free to customers at Jollibee. You just have to ask for a copy. This morning I  requested for one and scanned the headlines while eating breakfast. I  usually only read the Lifestyle section and the Opinion pages.

There is a byline there that I  have been following thru the years online.  The author is a seventy something widow but she recently got married again. She writes once a week about life in general, her friends and her activities in particular and I love it when she writes about her family, his grandsons, and how she spend her days in between.

Years ago, we used to subscribe every weekend  because that was the only time that we could sit down and read newspapers.  That too is gone now.  Watching news on television is more appealing.


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There was this early morning drizzle which was good enough to wet the garden and my plants are happy. Saving on a few gallons of water because of the rain. On my way to the church to hear mass, the rain has finally stopped.

I have to drop by the supermarket later to buy a floor fan. Ours broke a few days ago and I think it needs a new capacitor  so we could use it again.  Sometimes though, it is not very practical to have it repaired and pay a high cost of repair. It is more convenient to buy a new one because you are rest assured that you could use it for years.

I am on my 130th read this year for the 2018 Goodreads Reading Challenge. I found this lovely book about three sisters celebrating Christmas. A mesmerizing book about the lives of adopted families and how they  keep the bond strong. Yes, I know, it might still be too early for some to think about the Christmas season  but I am now having my countdown,  it’s now only 65 days to go before the big event. Some of you won’t probably think of celebrating and don’t look forward to the event. I’ve always said in the past that no matter how commercialized the celebration of Christmas has become over the years, it is the best season to bond with families and friends and celebrate. It’s the joyous season, the festive atmosphere, the anticipation of celebrating Christ’s birth that makes it so beautiful. The spirit of giving makes it all the more wonderful to celebrate. The amount and the cost of gifts you give and receive don’t really matter that much but it is the thought behind the tradition of gift-giving. It comes when you feel just as excited as your five-year old grandson.

A few more days to go and I’ll be turning sixty-two. Ah, remembering those days of agony, remembering those days of being happy, reminiscing about the sunny side of life.  Sixty-two seems ancient to some but I guess it’s how you live your life that counts.



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