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Yes, there are more Filipino words added to the  Oxford  English Dictionary.

Trapo: The traditional connotation of trapo is that in Tagalog it is a rag, something we use to clean  surfaces or our hands with. Nowadays though, when you say trapo, it refers to those traditional politicians belonging to a corrupt ruling.

Bongga: Back  in the seventies, a local group popularized a song called Bongga Ka Day. In Tagalog parlance, bongga simply means extravagant, flamboyant, impressive, stylish, or  more generally means excellent.

Bagoong: A fish sauce which we use as condiment, something that flavors our local recipes especially mixed veggies.

Bihon: Thin rice noodles we usually use for our pancit, made of rice flour.

Calamansi or kalamansi:  It is our famous Philippine lime which we use for various recipes,  as dips and  also as marinades for meat and other viands. Calamansi is also used as juice, hot or cold.

Sorbetes:  The Tagalog term for ice cream.

Turon:  Ah, my favorite. Sliced bananas or other fruit rolled in a thin layer of pastry and deep-fried, served as a dessert or snack. We wrap turon in lumpia wrappers.

Carinderia: Carinderia is a small food stall which can be usually found in small areas like the sides of a market or along  roads.  They serve complete meal and snacks too.


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Just when I thought of watching television after a long time, there goes our non-existent channels. I wonder what happened to our cable connection. Only about five or six local channels are there. I used to watch Asian Food Channel when I am free but now the message says, you have to subscribe first before watching. What happened to CNN, Fox TV and BBC? They don’t appear.

Attended the early morning mass.  The retablo is presently being renovated in time for the Canonical  Coronation of Our Lady of  Light come December 1. The  center aisle was replaced with new tiles too. So nice to see these major renovations to our Parish.  Our Lady of Light is the patron saint of the town.  Four years ago, under the leadership of our present mayor  Nieto,  the SumBingTik Festival was first celebrated.  It is an annual cultural festival held on December 1. The term “sumbingtik” is  a portmanteau of bibingka, suman  and latik,  the town’s native delicacies.

Proud of our Mayor and proud to live in this place. Lately, it has received these awards.

CAINTA sweeps  all categories in the 2018 PMAP awards night held at the Asean Convention Center.. Grand Slam Winner for the Public Sector.

Employer of the Year – Municipality of Cainta

People Program of the Year – May Laban ang Mahirap… Cainta Municipal Hospital

People Manager of the Year – Atty. Mayor Kit Nieto.

Cainta will represent Luzon in all categories for the public sector after winning the regional competition. PMAP is the People Management Association of the Philippines.

The local government here in our place is definitely something to be proud of.


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