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Our taro plants are blooming well. They  have large and healthy leaves. Yesterday, I gathered two young shoots of the leaves and made them into a tasty laing.  Laing  is cooked in  coconut cream. I added a few shrimps for flavor.

I added three pieces of sliced seed hot pepper for that kick.  Yummy 🙂



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My Roselle

Gardens and Empty Spaces

I was watering the plants early this morning when I saw these. New buds of my Roselle plants which I planted a few months ago. I have them in three pots and they all have those tiny buds.

They will look like this once they are in full bloom. Locally, they are also known as Hibiscus.

Culled this photo from the net. Just showing how Roselle looks like when it fully blooms.

My lone Okra shrub is busy, busy bearing those tender and young okra that I harvest every day.

Gardens are sometimes the best  places to be and their fruits and flowers are stress relievers.

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