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It’s another memorable day for the kids and me. It was our first time to eat at Mesa where authentic Filipino food is served. Nissa and Jovy took pictures, I didn’t.  I love the food there.  We ordered  Pinatayong Manok  (one whole grilled chicken which was cut and served before us). It was my first time to taste  Sinigang sa Bayabas at Pineapple. The fusion of tangy flavors from the guava and apple slices, pork slices, a little of tomatoes and gabi, how  wonderful.  We Filipinos are so fond of sinigang. Sinigang is a Filipino soup or stew characterized by its sour and savoury taste. Be it pork, beef, shrimp or fish, it is often served in family dinners.  I’ve tasted sinigang before flavored with slices of watermelon  and it was flavorful and tasty too. Tamarind is one common ingredient used for this recipe. Their Binagoongang Baboy is equally yummy and wonderful.  The mixed veggies are crispy.

We laughed at  Nate when he requested for another cup of rice and finished it all.  Haha, this kid surely eats with gusto.  We went our separate ways after lunch. Nate and I went to the toy store and bought different flavors of popcorn along the way. Josef and Jovy went to the pet shop to watch Oreo being groomed.  Nissa  and Obet went inside SM to buy something for Nate.  I bought a simple toy for Nate. Imagine his smiling face while choosing one. I told him, I am still looking for a birthday gift for him and he asked, “will it be a Lego Nonna”?  Nope, he already has several sets of Lego toys.  When you are with  Nate, you can’t help but feel like a kid too, appreciating what you see and  viewing  things differently.  There is really no dull moment. What a joy.

When they went home, he said, “I will never forget this place, Nonna’s house”. I was touched.  Love you baby.



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