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It’s those times like when you are  watering the plants that deep thoughts gather and you want to write them all but it is always not to be.  When you are busy, your mind is busy too with so many things.

There was a cold wind that blew early this morning and I told myself, “what a perfect time to have that hot cup of coffee”. Sad to say though, I am no longer a regular coffee drinker.  When I do, I use coco sugar instead of the  regular table sugar we buy in the market. They say it is healthier, I really don’t know but since I experienced an elevated sugar last year, my  doctor prescribed maintenance medicines for me. My sugar  level  is normal now but I still take medications both for sugar and my elevated blood pressure.

When you’re getting on in years, you can’t help but be wary  of your health. Health is wealth, we always say.

So excited to go out tomorrow with the family, a late celebration of Nissa’s birthday.  Just  harvested kalamansi for them to take home. Happy to be able to see Nate  again.



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