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So it’s October finally.

Made this meme a few years ago via muzy.com. I used to make memes like this before but I’ve grown tired of it that is why I am using  this old photo to greet the October month.

Yes, I often blog about month endings and beginnings, a sort of summary for the last month and an anticipation of the following month.

Excited about October? I am of course though I’ll be getting a year older again before the month ends.

Started this morning gardening outside.  Our good neighbor planted snake plants alongside our perimeter wall and I have to weed and uproot unwanted grass and as usual  sweep it of candy wrappers and cigarette butts.  Our walkways in the subdivision are cemented but I made them leave a long planters box  on one side of our perimeter wall so I could fill it with  plants. I love ground covers but I could not find plants that would need minimum care, that is, even without watering them every day. Jom heard of it and he said they have plenty of snake plants in his parents’ house in Paranaque.  Our front garden outside is filled with Santan plants and they are presently in bloom at the moment. How lovely to see red flowers in the garden.


Gone are those days when you were so busy taking care of your kids and working at the same time. Now that you are in your senior years, you just enjoy their company. You just enjoy wearing  comfy slippers and  mules when you go out of the house. No serious thought about the future anymore except perhaps how you could maintain your health  so you could stay longer with your kids.  Growing old has its advantages too, enjoying simple things in life that you used to ignore because you were always so busy earning a living for your family. Sunrises, sunsets, gardens, morning cups of coffee,  romping in the garden with your cats and dogs. Gone are those days too when you could still hire household helps that you could trust and leave the house in their care. Now, they’d rather work in fast food chains, grocery stores, factories and the like. If you are raising a family nowadays, your reliable help in the household would be your parents or in-laws.

Now that you’re getting old, you take things a little slowly too, sometimes more of rest than work but that’s okay, you are not at race with time.  Just enjoy the remaining years, make new memories with your kids and grandchildren.

Be happy, October is here!

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