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Feasted my eyes and ears watching and listening in YouTube from various artists of old.  This was triggered by Pete’s post called Significant  Songs (197). I love the Doobie Brothers.  I remember the songs of my youth, those years when I was growing up in the province and  all we had was  the radio. Yes, back in the 60’s, we had no TV. It was only during the early years of the 70’s when my brother and I were already studying in Metro Manila that we had a black and white TV. Then came the color television and everything changed.

Back to the music.

I actually uploaded  many songs on my wall at Facebook like America’s Sister Golden Hair and Ventura Highway, Spandau Ballet’s True, Toto’s Africa, Take On Me by a-h-a, IZ’s Somewhere Over The Rainbow and Bee Gees’ Massachusetts. I laughed while watching Let’s Dance by Chris Montes.  So that was how they did it several decades ago, the dancing – the foot works and hand gestures.  It was really a happy tune.

Back in those years, I have memorized even the lyrics of the songs, danced to it and sang along.  Really YouTube is a rich source of all those songs of yesteryears.



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Yesterday, I was grateful about the drizzle but today I am not happy about the rains. Yes, it is raining again and it’s been raining since  early this morning when Josef and I left the house to do our twice a month marketing.

Then around 7:30 am, I went to The Medical City satellite clinic for my urinalysis and doctor  consultation. God is good. After a month of trying several medications based on my urine culture, the last one was effective.  It’s pretty back to normal. No red blood cells, no pus cells, protein and sugar are negative.  Worrying about one’s health disrupts normal living. I have to go back though after a month for regular check-up of my sugar and another urinalysis. I don’t mind the lab tests.  As long as they turn out normal, I am happy. My doctor said, “breathe easy now, you are well and good”. Thank God.

I can’t help but say a few words regarding our present political situation here. The present government is promoting federalism and two of our economic managers, the NEDA Director General Pernia and Finance Secretary Dominguez are against it but one Concom delegate, a priest at that ( I knew him when he was a Philosophy student in UST) suggested that they remove these two from office.

Got this meme from Sen. Kiko Pangilinan’s website.

These two are after the welfare of the Filipino people but those aligned with the president seems to think it would be best to approve federalism. Gosh, they are only after their own welfare. If no elections are held come 2019, what would happen to us?  They would scrap the election in favor of a new change on government. But those in the know say that the Philippines is not ready for a federal form  of government.

I was just wondering why when  those few honest government officials tell the truth, the present government make issues of their removal.  Is this where we are going?

The ship is sinking.

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