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Much as you want to have as many followers on your site, you can equally remove some of them if you want to. Some are just there to advertise their sites, some have deactivated their accounts and you’ll see nothing at all.

Do you know that you can actually remove unwanted followers to your blog? Just visit your Dashboard, go to your stat page, then you’ll see the word Followers at the uppermost right hand corner of the page, click that and the rest of your  followers appear. You can either invite some bloggers or remove some of them, it’s up to you.  Same with your e-mail followers. I have a few who choose to follow my blog via e-mails so the number adds a little to your list of followers.

You can also block unwanted comments or sites by going to Settings, choose Discussion and look for Comment Blacklist.

I hope this helps.


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That early morning thunderstorm drenched the garden, Yahoo, I won’t have to water the plants today. I hate the heavy rain though, it always makes me feel insecure. Good thing it has stopped.

Good morning world.The sun is showing its face again.

I’ve been reading some of my older posts last night and some are uplifting  lines that I already forgot. To think  all of  those introspections which I’ve done a lot in the past.  Experience taught me so many, many things – how to take care of my health, how to be always positive in life, how to trust,  how to appreciate even the smallest things that give joy and happiness. Yes, I learned to be happy.  Experiencing something life-changing helped a lot too.

How could you not be moved by Nate’s smiles, at his shouts of Nonna every time I get to talk to him over the phone, his many stories about his classmates and about school, the way he appreciate  the food we have on the table by always saying  “yummy” even if even  it is just a simple meal of pork sinigang? 

How could you not appreciate every sunrise that meets you when it is not raining? How could you not smile at Oreo’s bark of welcome every time he hears the car at 5 pm? How could you not hug him back when he bestows sweet kisses to your face when you say goodbye and he is inside the car? They are little things but they bring joy.

How could you not shout when you find a lovely book or discover a new author that you like?  Years ago, I was browsing the books displayed at Booksale and saw a hardbound volume of Stephen King’s On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft. I thought at first it was some sort of autobiography but the book was full of writing tips and reminders to would-be writers.  I have re-read it twice already and still find his words so helpful. It is one of the best books I’ve ever come across.  And I wholeheartedly agree when he said: “Books are a uniquely portable magic.” 

How could you not appreciate those blogs written by some friends here and knowing how life is in other lands?  How could you not be uplifted by those lovely  quotes they share on their wall? How could you not utter “oh” and ‘ah” when you see wonderful and amazing photos that they share?

When you find magic in music too and listen with rapt attention. Sometimes you can’t help but sing along.

Oh, I hear the birds singing outside.

You see, happiness is just that, enjoying simple things in life.


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