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Remembering Cory’s death anniversary today. A blog I did when she died. I was in the hospital too recuperating while she was at the hospital dying. I can truly relate, we had the same ailment.

SHINING THROUGH (Pres. Cory Aquino)

I received another invite from philstar.com to share my own tribute to our late Pres. Cory Aquino. After watching the wake since Saturday morning until she was laid to rest last night, I had mixed feelings on how I could honor and pay tribute to a woman who has been a part of every Filipino’s life for the past twenty six years from the time Ninoy was assassinated on August 21, 1983 until the time of her death last August 1, 2009. I feel I could never give justice and could never find the right words to describe my own appreciation of her. Many things have been said about her, all glowing attributes on how she was as Ninoy’s wife, as a mother to her five children, as the revered lola to her apos, as a politician and the first woman president of our country. And to sum it all, she really is an icon of our democracy.

A year ago, I made a blog at Multiply as a tribute to Ninoy, My Own Memories of Ninoy. It was a trip down memory lane, twenty four or twenty five years ago. A year after Ninoy’s death, I had the chance to visit the exhibit at the Cojuangco Bldg. right behind BPI where I worked. It was there that I met Ballsy,Cory and Ninoy’s first child, a very charming lady who even signed my only treasure of Ninoy’s poems and prayers. It is now a prized possession in my book collections. Several times at the height of the rallies to oust Pres. Marcos, I also got the chance to meet Cory personally, she was then with some of her friends who regularly marched along Ayala Avenue while we were busy with confetti throwing and occasionally coming down to mingle with the crowd. One time, she was with Ninoy’s mother, Dona Aurora at the lobby of BPI and my officemates and I were so starstruck to see the mother and widow of our personal hero up close. She always had that charming smile on her face saying hello to everyone.

After watching the necrological services Tuesday night, listening to her friends describe her on how she touched their lives, I felt even more in awe of the person that she was. Fr. Arevalo in his homily described how the Aquinos were as a family and how Cory was as a personal friend. Like Kris, I could not stop the tears while watching the two-hour tribute to her. I was greatly touched by what her personal security shared, being a mother to them all and so supportive of their families.

The tremendous show of support and love from people from all walks of life in her funeral yesterday only proves that we as Filipinos could still make a big difference to our nation’s future as long as we set aside political bickering, enmities, and personal agenda. We could still be one as a nation and we could show to the world that we could shine through for a better Philippines.


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Yesterday,I wrote about my Goodreads’ stats as summarized by the site. Today, I also checked my dashboard because I saw a post I did on Facebook on this same day a year ago.

On August 1, 2017, my blog registered a total of 2,505 followers and a total stats of 482,009.

Today, I have 537,574 stats, 2,323 published blog posts and registered a total of 3,360 followers. That’s roughly 855 followers in one year.  I’m amazed although only a few are active in commenting and liking my posts. I’d like to think though that  they read them.  A few years ago, WordPress made an annual report on how a certain blog did for the year but I noticed the last two years, there was nothing.  I really hope they’ll bring it back.

Not bad, not bad. It is always inspiring to see people visit and read my blog. Thank you online friends.

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Hooray! The blue ternatea which I planted a few months ago has finally bloomed. I am also looking forward to the white ones which I have just planted.

How exciting!

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Yes, today is the 167th year of Bank of the Philippine Islands where I used to work. It was established on August 01, 1851.  It is the oldest bank in the country. The executive lounge of the bank was named 1851 Club, a high-end restaurant where important events and functions are usually held. The bank also  has several function rooms  on the 14th floor where training of bank staff and personnel  and Wednesday masses are held.

I worked with the bank for more than twenty years and availed of an optional retirement back in 2000.  I am posting same picture I posted some years back, the facade of BPI Main Building in Ayala Avenue, Makati  City, the business district of Metro Manila.

I miss the daily walks going to the commercial center  every noon break. I miss the daily morning masses at Greenbelt Chapel. I miss my former office mates some of whom are now officially retired too.  The daily grind of somehow exhausting but fulfilling job, I miss it too.

Make the best happen! I think that’s still BPI’s official tagline.


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