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There you go, another lovely quote to ponder upon.  I had this for quite sometime on my news feed  and seen it again today so why not blog about it?

Are people judgmental? Some are but not everyone.  Some people  rely on truth and veracity of one’s statements, some are fooled by false promises. Many belong to the latter especially when they meet people with glib tongues echoed by wonderful  but empty words. Some who are wise enough couldn’t care less, they just raise their eyebrows with an unexpressed “unbelievable” word.

Last week, he did it again cursing the Catholic Church and calling God stupid. My God is not stupid, he probably is. Many people reacted not just Catholics but others of Christian faith. That’s clearly crossing the line of propriety and respect. We are all brief sojourners in this world but God is eternal.

Now Duterte would like to create a panel to dialogue with the Catholic clergy.  He had clearly touched  a very sensitive spot in the lives of majority of Filipinos. Too late, the damage is done and those ugly words about the Bible and God won’t be forgotten by many. Why make a dialogue with someone who doesn’t even know how to keep his words and tells more lies while he stays in office? He is there not to serve the people but to divide them. He says one thing today, tomorrow he refutes it. Do you still believe in this guy? I pity you if you still do.

There was a survey released lately. It implied that  he was a failure as president and that crimes are still on the rise. He kept saying that he will resign (for so many times) but why is he still there?  Do it now!

You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.



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