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Blank and pristine white pages, sharpened pencils, colored pens – I had this sudden longing to write by hand and not depend on my PC to compose something. But then on second thoughts, it is even harder to copy a hand-written piece  from a notebook or journal and type it on your PC. It is easier to correct words, spellings and grammar when you are typing.

It is still raining outside and it rained the whole day. The southwest monsoons are being pushed by tropical storm Domeng bringing sometimes heavy to moderate rains in Metro Manila. As of the latest weather update, we are in a yellow rainfall warning.

Josef and Jovy drove me to the satellite clinic of The Medical City for check-up then went on their way to visit Jovy’s aunt and grandma in Quezon City. It rained hard after they left and I got worried about mom being alone in the house.  I went home  soon after I got the result of my lab test  and my internist prescribed antibiotics that I have to take for a week.  I went back out again when the rain subsided to buy medicines.

I really don’t like it when it rains hard and everything at the garden is saturated. I know, I won’t have to water them maybe for about two or three days but I have to clean our small pond of rain water and debris from our Arius tree. What a hassle!

The cold weather is welcome though sans the downpour. The state weather bureau  PAGASA has officially declared the start of the rainy season yesterday. Five days of rain generating a total amount of at least 25 millimeters (mm) of rainfall is required for them to declare it officially  and these five days must also include 3 straight days of at least 1 mm of rainfall.

…but my rain lilies are blooming.

Today makes me remember that old, old nursery rhyme, “rain, rain go away, come again another day”.


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