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Someone from social media asked “Have you experienced being robbed?  You just did, if you  reacted to what he did in Seoul”. That was really written in Tagalog and it had more impact than translating it here in English.

I  am referring to that kiss done by Duterte to one of the Filipina OFWs in Korea a few days ago. Can you imagine a man of his stature doing that in public with a married woman at that? And the crowd cheered. Wow! What happened to our Filipino values? Kissing someone else spouse’s on the lips in public on national television is okay?  This is clearly not acceptable. His spokesman Roque said that it is playful act accepted in Filipino culture. I am a Filipino and I  DO NOT agree.  Kabastusan ginawa niya. That is not a typical act of a supposedly popular and a respected president.  He tried to mask his insecurities with the power of the presidential office. This is the only time I’ve seen one, the way he acts in public seems to be lacking in everything.  To earn respect, you should be respectful too no matter who is in front of you. And that girl who seemed to enjoy that show of vulgarity said there was no malice  in it and she even defended the act considering she is a married woman. Duterte hates women. We always seem to be the target of his ire. Is it because those who are criticizing him are braver than he is? He clearly is a mysogynist.

Going back to being robbed, since  social media was focused on it, the government is clearly diverting the people’s  attention. Every day, the bad news of corrupt people in his government is so rampant. Some media people have kept mum  and tight-lipped on what is happening around. Those who were so blatant in criticizing Ex-Pres. PNoy before are now so quiet you would think their lips are sealed. Then those DDS (the loyal Duterte followers) don’t stop proliferating fake news. I’d like to believe now that he won the presidential race because of those trolls.

Imagine some of those he appointed in his government who were into corruption. Did they resign? Were they guilty of it? They didn’t, they were just transferred to another agency of the government.

He is even worse than Marcos. Such disgusting acts, such show of vulgarity , you don’t deserve to be there Mr. Duterte.



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