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I smiled when Nissa sent me these two photos of Nate over the weekend. Didn’t I tell you before that he is five going fifty?

Choosing a dress for Mommy? And look, he is quite serious about it 🙂

Will this do Mommy? Sometimes, you can’t help but be amazed at what kids their age can do.  Gone are those days when kids would hide behind the skirts of their Moms  and when you ask them something they would just look at you with shy smiles.

Kids nowadays are more outspoken. They have technology at their fingertips.  One time we were looking at the pictures on my tab and Nate suddenly moved his hands enlarging the picture. I remember a video sent by Nissa to me several days ago. His lola (grandma on his father’s side) was teaching Nate to wash the dishes and he did. He also replaces drinking water from the gallon  (with spout) to the pitcher.  “Is that your  regular job?”,  I asked and he answered “Sometimes Nonna”.

Kids are really smarter than we think.


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