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It seems like I have to reorganize my garden after they’re done removing the Thai bamboo,  installing the steel matting on our fence and  repainting the fence and the steel matting that they will install.

My potted plants are lined up along the wall so everything has to be moved.  Others have rooted in the ground so re-potting is a must too. Busy, busy summer!

Had a general cleaning in my bedroom and changed the sheets and curtains. My gosh, it is so hot but this is that perfect time to clean and re-organize. My garden would probably look “brand new” after this  🙂

Summer is usually a busy month for carpenters  and construction workers. Lot owners choose summer months to have their houses built taking advantage of the days when there is no rain. I had a hard time finding one. His rate is sky-high and  he doesn’t accept payment on a daily basis but chose instead “the pakyawan” where you have to pay a certain amount  until he finishes the scope of work at hand.  “Pakyawan” is more costly than paying the worker on a daily basis but you are assured that they will finish the job.  One thing though, you’ll provide all the materials needed.

I think that when you begin some renovations in the house, there is always a chance that you would have to think of other things that they could do after and it involves more funding…haha!



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