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What a way to start the week. Yes, it is a busy day today.

I am having my cabinet doors at the dirty kitchen replaced. Some concealed hinges at our cabinets in the bedrooms  were replaced too. Had  an early trip to the hardware store to buy supplies with the carpenter we hired to do the job. Had to arrange an early delivery of ply woods.

Back on 2009, we got flooded and the cabinets at our bedrooms were changed except for two doors which are too heavy because they were made of ply boards. When we had house renovation late that year, our bedroom cabinets were fitted with sliding glass doors. It is a space-saving venture but the glass was so expensive. Anyway, it is more economical than the traditional cabinet doors.

I also inquired how much is one panel of steel matting since our Thai bamboo at the garden need replacement too. It only lasted eight years. Steel matting is more durable and permanent. It has to be attached to our  concrete perimeter fence to make it a little higher but still assured of some air in the process. I am dreaming of having sturdy climbers eventually  for privacy. Could you please recommend a climbing plant which is conducive to our  tropical climate here?  Fellow gardeners, I would appreciate your recommendation. Thank you.

I’ve set  aside reading for a while, using an earphone and listening to music on my cellphone instead.


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