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Sometimes you think you’ve been awake all through the night only to discover and remember later that you were just dreaming, a smorgasbord of events that seemed so vivid in your mind and in your heart.

What was your last thought before going to sleep? Do you dream about it later?  Sometimes I do and it’s like a continuation of what you’ve thought before you went to dreamland.  I dream of things, people, events and some childhood memories that somehow left indelible marks within me.  It’s a succession of images, emotions and such.  Oftentimes, you won’t even remember what you dreamed about the night before.

Do dreams really mean anything in our lives?  Until now there are those nights that I dream of our old home (back in the province). I could picture  some wall decor that my Mom and my older aunt would hang with water plants. I could still recall the crocheted bed cover that Mom used before and those smaller ones where they used to cover our la meseta (small table) in one corner of our sala.  Sometimes, the house is near  the university where I spent my high school and college years.  Sometimes, it would be a few steps away from the house.  I wonder why it often appears in dreamland.

When I was still working, I bought a dream dictionary. Those words may tell you about what your dream means. But I wonder if dream interpretations are valid and real. Is it true that when you have snake dreams  they may represent something that  you are afraid of facing, accepting or dealing with in waking life? It may also symbolizes someone or something that you feel is threatening to your physical or emotional well-being. And poop dreams means money? I wonder.

I do believe though that dreams represent our inner self, our subconscious. We may think of something that happened in the past and dream about it later or you may have seen someone after a long, long time and you dream of the events when you met before.

Dreams are perplexing!




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