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There is no official declaration yet from PAGASA if the dry season has already started but seeing how the sun shows its face every day and brings that humid weather  specially at noon, it seems like it is summer now.  I  stepped out for a while at around 7 am and the sun was hot on my back.

Goodreads  says I am done with my 46th book. It’s called Protect and Defend by Richard North Patterson. It’s been a while since I read a legal/political thriller and it’s been  years since I read a book by Richard North Patterson.  Back in 2012, I read  The Final Judgment. 

What is legal? What is right? Protect and Defend tells a story of a fifteen-year old girl who got pregnant and the fetus was hydrocephalic.  What follows are courtroom scenes  whether  to abort the baby or not.  She wants a partial birth abortion but the parents are  opposed  to it.   The girl’s lawyer was a former clerk of a judge who is chosen by the president of the US to be the next Chief Justice.  Senators are at odds with each other, Some oppose her nomination while the rest are in favor of it. Though it is a work of fiction, you can just imagine how each one feels when the girl files a case in court against her parents and the President will do all means to have the  chief justice chosen. Into the mix is the life of the nominated  chief justice and the lives of the political allies and foes

I don’t know much about US politics from where this story was drawn but looking into  what we are having here in our country,  there must be something similar. Corruption is everywhere,  the president is quite relentless on his war on drug but they never get to jail drug lords.  They even set free those big-time drug lords  a month ago. They set free a plunderer and has become a state witness.  How’s that again? Are we going to the dogs?  They are not even focused on our  declining economy.

The rice reserve of the National Food Authority (NFA) is now completely gone. It’s the first time since 1972 that subsidized rice  had run out. Compared to commercial rice, NFA rice is cheaper. It is what the poor in our country consumes.  Since rice is the staple in  the Filipinos’  daily meals,  this is a big problem.

Oh, the controversial  justice secretary has resigned and the president accepted it. I just wonder, will he be given another post or will he run for Senator next election? The nerve of this guy,  his performance sucked.

Such is politics here in our country. it totally, totally sucks.  There is really something wrong with the elected officials as well as the appointed ones.



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