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You think I’m nuts but I  love the smooth feel of newly waxed and buffed floors on my bare feet. I love to squirt water on my face every time I water the plants. I love the smell of newly cut grass and delights in discovering new blooms in my garden!

The magic of daily living, taking delight in simple things that make life worthwhile.

I was reviewing  the photos I took from way back then I saw these pictures of my kitty.  She is no longer here with us. In all the years that we’ve been taking care of our cats, we noticed that when they get ill, they just leave and don’t come back. Why do they go away to die? Do you think they know when they are dying. In all the years that we’ve been here, We haven’t buried any of them but our dead doggies are in one corner of our garden.

So serenely asleep on top of  one of my garden pots. Sometimes you wish you could steal a few moments in a blink.  Sometimes you wish you could take a shuteye at any time of the day then you wake up feeling refreshed.


I am supposed to have my eye check-up by an ophthalmologist  but I told my son to  just have it after Holy Week.  My left eye got an error reading when I went to an optometrist a few days ago.  Maybe, the grade has increased.  The optometrist said  I might  have a cataract  and need to be seen by an ophthalmologist.  Oh well, this is really something that I need to do.

Happy Monday everyone!


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