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I was touched by a friend’s post in a positive way. A friend and fellow blogger wrote  that there is not much happening in his life.  It made me think how  we live our daily lives, probably anticipating something good to happen, excited about the following day, looking forward  to another commune with nature. Whatever it is, we all feel down at times. It happens.

When I feel that nothing is aligning with the Universe, I lose myself in words.  Inspirational thoughts comfort me. Finding new books becomes an obsession. I must admit, there are lots of books on my TBR list, some are still unopened and the second-hand ones are just waiting  to be discovered.

When I am bored, I go  to the garden. I take photos of flowers growing there. It makes me always happy to see new growth in the garden.  It makes me smile just to see them  sometimes with a hot cup of coffee in hand. Just a few minutes ago, I got some fallen “kamias fruits” from our neighbor’s tree and separated the seeds. Would love to try them here too.  Kamias is commonly called cucumber tree.  You can preserve the fruit for future use or make  fruit candies  with  it. Just this morning I noticed two guavas growing near our jackfruit tree. We used to have two guava trees  but over the weekend, I let Josef cut them because the trunks have dried up.  I love guavas too.

But fighting boredom sometimes is a losing battle. One has to be brave enough and strong enough  to face challenges.  As we grow older, we have a little too much time in our hands and it’s quite pretty hard sometimes to pass the day without getting bored. We need zoning out too. It could be a positive force for good or for a lovely self-reflection.



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