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Okay, okay, you’ve probably heard of them before. Or you might have encountered them in someone else’s writing or blog post. Or it is probably a shout out from some friends at Facebook.

Long before these acronyms were coined, there was the shortened text on your cellphones. I hate it, yes I do. Why would you shorten a word of five letters or so into a misspelled three letters? Why would you deliberately misspell a word just to be  “in” with the crowd?  Why would you shorten  five words in your text when you can send them full and you’d be charged the same? Some say to save on time but texting always takes a little of your time and it does not take a few minutes to correct a misspelled word.

A few years ago, I blogged about those things I hate about texting. You can find them here. Take note, there were only ten of them that I posted but over the years,  I observed some more.  Nowadays there are more internet slangs than you can imagine. The internet  is such that every day, you notice changes and new terms used specially in social media like Facebook or Twitter.

What do these acronyms mean?


BFF, I am familiar with since some of my friends use it all the time even on texts and comments on Facebook, so with HEHE and HAHA accompanied by a smiley face at the end.  But I really have to look for what LMAO or IMAO mean. For those not familiar with the lingo, IMAO means “in my arrogant opinion”.  IMHO means a little better than IMAO, “in my humble opinion“.  TTYL is “talk to you later.  OMG is another word that I hate reading. It’s supposedly means  “oh My God”.  Call me old-fashioned, not going with the flow but that was how I was brought up.  LOL is supposed to mean “laughs out loud”. It is used to draw attention to a joke or  to express amusement. It is the most common slang term in internet communication. XOXO means “hugs and kisses“, a form of endearment.

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These words grow day by day, there are more than a hundred acronyms in  the world-wide web depending on how you interpret them as long as the first letter of each word  is there.

Of course we are all familiar with those acronyms coined by institutions and companies and such foreign word like R.S.V.P  but some of these present day words that I encounter, I find them unnecessary.

What’s your take?


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