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I was preparing breakfast when I heard a commotion outside our perimeter fence at the side of the house. Even Noki our dog was barking like crazy.

A couple riding a motorcycle was arguing. The man was  shouting  in such a really loud voice while the woman was crying. Fancy seeing something like this at an ungodly hour of 5 am.  Some cars passing by stopped for some moments then moved on.

Should I say,  “don’t wash your dirty linen in public”.  They were disturbing the peace of the morning. Why do some people have to argue and quarrel in public? Can’t they wait until it’s just the two of them in a more private place? Or they enjoy the attention they get from passersby? What a shame!

Nobody wins in an argument. Just as you hurt your partner, you are also hurting yourself. Oh, the emotions invested in such disagreements and squabbles. People’s attitude is based on how you treat them.

Did I hear it right?  Arguing is not a form of communication, it is just plain noise.


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