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Playing safe.

Do you do a backup of your blog? Do you copy everything just in case it gets lost in cyberspace?

Once a year I export my blog to a hard drive and all the photos I’ve taken on my tab and those sent by Nissa via messenger.  Just a way of protecting those shots and thoughts that I’ve gathered and written throughout the year.   It’s annoying enough to have a post deleted accidentally but a whole blog is another thing.  One can’t help but worry at times  and look for an alternative tool to copy everything.

WordPress has made available a URL  good for seven days for when I want to migrate my site to a self-hosted blog. But as I have said before in my other post, I want to remain on a free theme  here on WordPress so I won’t have to pay every year for its maintenance.

I am not changing my present theme yet, I feel comfortable with it and I want clear lines  like it is. I’ve used up 73% of my allowed limits. One percent is almost a year of blogging without so many high-res pictures to go with it. I used to post so many photos the first four or  five years but I have not limited them to a minimum and learned to minimize them too.

Come to think of it, the last ten years or so, I haven’t  had  photos developed in  print except for those studio shots of Nate which I have enlarged and framed.  I have several SD cards which contain  all photos I’ve taken with my cameras before.  The advantage of having an internet at your disposal, you can upload photos right after you took them.




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