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When I am not gardening, I am holding a book or my tab and when I am not holding a book, I am in front of my computer blogging or updating our page on FB.

The routine of a senior citizen. They vary every weekend of course  when the kids are around.  That’s when I experiment on some recipes  in the kitchen depending on what  fresh ingredients we find at the market.

Don’t get me wrong. I am happy as it is. A friend asked me once why don’t I travel? We do go on road trips but going far is no longer an option for me.  Since I got sick, my immune system sort of weakened too. My goodness, I am even afraid to get colds because it usually take almost a month before I get well.  I wear face mask when I go out. The pollution in Metro Manila is such that you won’t really feel safe when you ride a public transport.  I feel  okay of course when I am riding in the car.

Ah, gardening!

Yes, I love my garden. This morning I planted a few seeds of mini-zinnias which I bought yesterday at the supermarket along with a packet of ampalaya (bitter gourd) seeds.  The seeds of the eggplant I bought two weeks ago have germinated. Maybe in three weeks I could transfer them to pots. Really looking forward to summer when these seeds will have grown.  Done with trimming the carabao grass over the weekend. It’s a monthly ritual, otherwise the grass would grow long and it is not nice to see. My Amazon lilies are starting to bloom again. The Crossandras are sprouting everywhere.  I have Shamrock in green and purple. I love its tiny white flowers.  How I wish I was able to grow another Gardenia before our  lone plant died last year. I replaced it with Ti plants and they are thriving well.


I love books but of course. Who doesn’t?  I am in awe of the new books I found lately. The authors are simply gifted.  I read at night before going to bed and sometimes before I take a nap in the afternoon.

Oh, blogging!

So far I’ve been able to turn up a post every day. I wonder how long this blogging muse would stay. I would like to thank those new followers. One of these days, I will try to visit your blogs.


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