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One of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen was that of the Manila Bay. Unhampered by electric lines, the sun gleams, scattering its golden rays along the bay.

Manila Bay sunset view from Wikipedia

The most beautiful moments, cotton candy clouds  that make the sunset even more  mesmerizing. You watch from your own little world and you think of life. You think of beauty and the loveliness that Nature brings. It’s a promise that a new day is coming, something to look forward to, something to appreciate. We think of so many things, our own journey in life – the good times, the troubled moments, the lovely memories.

Taken in Albay where Mayon Volcano is located.

Have you ever wondered about our own sunsets in life? Going on in  years, molded by lots of experiences?  And we learn, we learn through the years.   And just as a sunrise brings joy,  sunset brings a bit more.




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