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I hate spam mails

I am sure most of us do.  I get one or two now and then and when I do I also get this message from WordPress:

Akismet has protected your site from 54,615 spam comments already. 
There are  two comments   in your spam queue right now.

Oh yes, that’s the total  numbers of spam mails I got all these years.  Amazing numbers, spammers are busy on the keyboard.  Haha!

Sometimes, I receive them from the same person with  a paragraph of a story that I don’t even understand.  Sometimes it is written in a foreign language I don’t know. Oh, they sell  something too online but I just  ignore everything and put them in my trash folder or the option “delete spam”. Most  spammers would tell you how you could earn from your blog.  Monetize it so they say. Do you believe them? Maybe you could earn a few pesos for it.

When I was just starting this blog, I met a Filipino nurse based in the USA who was also a graduate of the university where I came from. Believe me, he would sweet-talk you that you could earn thousands of dollars from your blog (yes, dollars). He  created a site  for all UST alumni and we were hoodwinked  to join.  The UST administration approved it and even our former teachers and college professors joined too. I even attended one of his seminars in UST  worth P5,000.00, a bit expensive for me of course but I was interested. Nothing came out of it, I don’t want to monetize blogging.   Later on, after about a year I guess, that site demobilized. I learned later that he just formed his master list out of all the UST graduates and students who joined.  My goodness, I unfriended him on FB faster than you could say go.

Was there a time when one or two of your blog posts was published in another site without you knowing? It happened to me once, they copied my entire post and just changed some words. Wonder how I found it? I checked my blog through copyscape.  I called the attention of WordPress  but I didn’t hear from them. And then more followed.   Someone suggested that I spam them back. What I did was to make a post about them with their site as the  title of my  blog. It finally stopped.

A few months ago, I learned how to block a site. There is an option here and I blocked at least two commenters who were not even WordPress bloggers.

I am grateful for Akismet, they are taking care of spam mails.






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