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I always laugh when Mom calls our dog Noki by another name. Boo is the only name she can remember out of our several dogs that have passed on. Of course, Noki just would not respond. He would just look at her and would only come near when there is food in his dog plate.

Haha, Mom is getting bored with my company I think. We could not talk like we used to since she could not understand.  She said she could not read small letters, even the big ones that I write with a  pentel pen. At her age of almost 89, she’s getting thinner.  Her doctor prescribed  vitamins and for her to drink milk every day. He said that the more we grow older,  our body  mass diminishes.  She still watches TV though, a bit louder than before.  I wonder how she could understand those stories being shown. When she speaks, it is loud because she can’t hear herself  while speaking. Her right ear is now completely deaf. She hasn’t adjusted to using hearing aid.

Can you live in a world where you hear only noises? I can’t imagine a world without sound but I can’t even fathom how it is to go deaf  and just hear sounds without understanding anything. One good thing though is she can comprehend words when you speak softly to her left ear.

Mom is the youngest of four girls. Their oldest sister died last year. She reached a hundred  I think.  the bonus years were definitely kinder.

Thinking of life, thinking of getting older. Of course most of us want to live longer and enjoy life a bit more.


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