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I am not feeling pretty good.  Body malaise but I don’t have fever. I’ve been lazy  lately except for a brief time spent at the garden this morning. I have to re-pot some plants and plant one more head of pineapple. I saved it after  the  new year.  I have about seven heads now plus some ornamental ones.  I understand it would take about two years before they bear fruits and more than six months for them to mature. They are growing nicely here. Sipping a hot ginger lemon tea.

The weather here has been a bit erratic since the start of the new year. In the southern part of the country, they just had the first weather disturbance. Agaton  strengthened into a tropical storm before it exited the  country. Some areas are still flooded because of continuous rains.

Here in Manila, it is still cold at night and in the early morning but the sun shines all day now. I am grateful that we have longer nights than days.  Maybe we’ll have this fair weather until the end of February due to the Siberian winds.

We’ve put away the Christmas decor and the house is back to normal again. We still have some left-over ham and a few rolls of embutido inside the freezer.  Only the pomelo,  some oranges and apples are left of the fruits we  bought before New Year.  Thinking of what to prepare for lunch. I  remember telling you about the watermelon packet I found at the grocery store last week.  I used it for shrimp sinigang with camote tops (sweet potato)  gabi (taro root) and one eggplant.

Watermelon Sinigang

Wow, it is better than tamarind mix. One of these days, I will use watermelon slices.


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