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Started the year with a well-loved classic, Little Women by Louisa May  Alcott. Wow, 150 years into its first publication. I’ve seen several volumes of this  book when  I worked at the  UST library as a student librarian way back in the seventies but I was never inclined to read it. There were so many choices then.

I am hoping I would enjoy reading it as much as those who have rated it five stars on Goodreads.  I am not really influenced by five-star rating, I’d rather explore it on my own but sometimes it helps one decide what to read next.  I have discovered so many talented and gifted  contemporary authors through this medium.  Maybe one of these days, I would re-read more of the Brontë sisters,  Charlotte’s Jane Eyre and Emily’s Wuthering Heights.  I have two books of the latter and an old copy of the former.



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