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Don’t look now but I just joined Goodreads’ 2018 Reading Challenge. I’d be reducing the books I  plan to read for about a hundred  compared to the more than 200 books I read last year.  I have this ambitious dream of reading more classic books for a change, that is if I can find more in the coming days. Of course I would like to continue reading more works of  authors that I’ve lately found. They are too good to miss.  Re-reading old favorites?   I might.

Maybe, I’ll discover some more along the way. Who knows? Books are  part and parcel of my everyday  life.  I’d like to think I could not live without books 🙂 Maybe that  is an exaggeration but really, I do love reading.

One thing more, I also plan to write a post every day. Never mind if  they are just thoughts that come at the spur of the moment or just favorite quotes from authors that I love.  Would really love to try it again. It’s been seven long years since I pushed myself to do it and it was one lovely ride so to speak.   Wish me luck please.


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