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In three days, 2017 would just be a memory – you will remember it with  fondness, with a smile or with pain in your heart. Every year, we look forward to the days and the months  in between the old year and the new one. Every year, there is always something that makes us nostalgic and  we are a little wistful about the events in our lives.  Every year, we anticipate  happy days ahead, we dream, we discover.

I know, I know, the days in between will not always be happy. There are unexpected  happenings that make us sad.  There are unfulfilled dreams and expectations that are not met.  There will always be days of challenges  and journeys to go through.

Blogging has been and is still is  the best thing that I look forward  to almost every day. Meeting new friends and  other bloggers, discovering some uplifting  and inspiring blogs in the process.  Somehow it has changed my perspective  and priorities.  After more than eight years of writing and sharing my journey here, it is easier now to relate those family stories, it is easier now to blog about things, to blog about books and reading, some kitchen experiments in between  and blogging itself.

I  am thankful and grateful to everyone  I met here. Blogging wouldn’t have been what it is without your presence. It is always nice knowing how the other half lives. It is always a thrill to see photos of other places too.

I know, blogging is such a gargantuan task when we don’t know how to start and  what to write about but there is always that  inspiration lurking somewhere. There is always  that  desire to inspire and write.

May 2018 be a bright, positive, successful, healthy and a prosperous one for all of us.  New  chances and new chapters are just waiting.



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