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There was this news about a supermarket employee who stole a can of corned beef because he was hungry and broke.  According to an interview by a national daily, he had only P20 pesos in his pocket which was not even enough for his fare in going back home. Of course, we all know that stealing is wrong no matter how small it is and he knows that but he can’t pretend that he is okay when his stomach is growling like crazy. He was arrested for that small can of corned beef worth P31.50.

If I were the owner of the store, I could just have dismissed him or reprimanded him  for what he did but filing a case against him for that very little amount of food? My goodness, where is compassion here? This is a glaring difference on how people  are treated in this country. Those who are crooks,  those politicians in the government who are emptying the coffers  are scot-free  enjoying the millions they stole from the people and this mere employee is suffering in jail?  The Philippines suffers from massive corruption – bribery, graft, embezzlement, nepotism, you name it, they are all there. And these politicians have no shame.

It gives me the shudder. That poor soul does not deserve that kind of punishment.




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