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Mom  has stayed with us since November 30. Now she is quite  adamant to go home again after barely two weeks of staying with us. My brother could not fetch her yet since he is busy at work.

This morning I went out for a while to do some groceries  and to have my hair trimmed. When I got home, Mom was smiling at me and said in the vernacular, “you look lovely” at the same time pointing to my  newly shampooed  and blown dry hair.  She kept turning her head this way and that then I noticed her  newly cut hair. I asked her who did it. He pointed at my son Josef.

Haha, it’s the first time Josef held a  pair of scissors in his hands to cut mom’s hair.  She asked Josef earlier where I was then   persuaded him to cut hers too. She was  so proud  of it. We laughed together.  Two new hair  styles 🙂


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