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You know it’s December when you see those icicles/snowflakes falling gently on your blog. Thank you WordPress, it makes blogging so inspiring

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So it’s December and we’re here waiting. I know you know how  I love the Christmas season. Really looking forward to the days ahead,

November ended on a  happy note. Nissa’s family came over for a visit then later on, we went to see  my new-born grandson. Elijah is the son of my niece who was born more than a week ago. We had a grand time catching up on each other’s lives and taking photos of course.  Before lunch yesterday, my younger brother  together with my sister-in-law and niece arrived  with Mom in tow. she’ll be staying here again probably until next year.  We had  a sort of mini-reunion (unplanned) and it was fun. Nissa and Nate had to leave early though since the latter had a practice for their kiddie fashion show. Remember the VTR I posted a few months ago on Nate?  The fashion show is the culmination of  those workshops.

Time flies. In a month, 2017 would be gone. We don’t know what 2018 has in store for all of us. We anticipate, we dream, we look forward to another year. But first, let us remember why we celebrate Christmas.

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