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Happy Sunday everyone!

Today is the last week  in the liturgical calendar.  It is the  Solemnity of  Christ the King which we call Cristo Rey.   Next Sunday is the beginning of the Advent season. Advent is  four weeks of preparation for  Christmas.

We will be celebrating our town fiesta come December 1. Yesterday morning, they have this fun run for the youth of Cainta and some streets were blocked.   Walking was the only option for commuters because of the traffic. It was a small sacrifice though, it only happens once a year. Watching the youth run for a cause was such fun and you wished you had the energy to join but having those aches and pains of old age  hinder you from doing it.  Really looking forward to the celebration. I am pretty sure they’ll have this yearly showing off of the products of Cainta.  Cainta is known as the bibingka capital of the Philippines. Various sweets and delicacies abound. The town is busy at the moment.

For the past three days, I’ve read a trilogy by Mary Alice Monroe. I love those small-town stories about life, family, friendship and love. I love those beach scenes watching the world go by –  the sunrises, the sunsets, turtle hatchlings, dolphins, beach houses  and windsurfing.  I am still reading another Monroe book ,  my 7th read of this particular author. Everything is set in South Carolina.   These books remind me of those days when I was in college and finished Gone With The Wind in less than a week.  When you discover a new place , a lovely story by a new author, you  are inspired to read them all.  I have lots of books about Christmas  and how it is celebrated around the world.  It is always a joy to read such.

Maybe I’ve grown out of reading YA books. To think I was a little excited about John Green’s Turtles All the Way Down but I even couldn’t get to the middle of the story. Most readers have rated it 5 stars on Goodreads. Compared to The Fault In Our Stars, I don’t find this an engrossing read.

What have you read lately? Any recommendation?



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