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Our cat Mimi is growing old. Lately she learned not just to sleep under the dining table  but  to be  inside the bedroom as well when I am asleep or just reading. She would rub her body near my legs and find a suitable position  to take a nap.  Sometimes she would just look at me with her eyes almost closed. I don’t know much about the language of cats. Maybe she is saying “Can I stay here for a while”?   She’s been Mommy’s pet when she was here for almost a year with us. Mimi would sit on her lap when Mom is watching television.  She watches too, maybe fascinated by the color and the movements  in the programs being shown. She would stay at the foot of Mom’s bed when the latter is asleep.

I had a chance  to take her photos on my tab a few days ago. You know that contented mew cats utter when they are happy.   When in the past she would reach out and try to see what’s on my tab, nowadays, she just looks at me  while I point   my  tab at her.


The daily life of a cat. These are just ordinary photos  I took of her three days ago. She has learned to mingle and play with our remaining dog Noki and when I am in the garden, she stays there too.



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