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Ah, the sun is smiling again after a few days of rain, thunderstorms every day and storms up north. Hopefully, this weather holds until the weekend.

I am suddenly reminded of these lines from the song Fifty Ninth Street Bridge by Simon and Garfunkel.

♫♪♫Slow down, you movin’ too fast
You gotta make the moment last♪♪♫

Make the moments last.
Easier said than done, I think.  Sometimes we are not too focused on  these moments, those little acts of kindness that make the heart sing, those lovely times stored in our memories, those moments of togetherness that make us smile and laugh.  Sometimes, we forget.
We live in a busy world, a frenzy of  everything and anything. We live in a world where silence is sometimes unappreciated. We go with the flow  but  the tide turns  in the opposite direction.  We are frantic not knowing how to reach our destination.  The travel is rough, the course is not smooth.
Slow down.
Take time to smell the flowers, we always say. Do we even have the time to appreciate them? Do we even have  the time to just be grateful  with everyday blessings?
Celebrate life. Dream. Believe.  Have Faith.

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