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1,935 Posts After

Today is March 13, Monday in our part of the world.  I received this message earlier from WordPress with this familiar logo.

Happy Anniversary with WordPress.com!
You registered on WordPress.com 9 years ago.
Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging.
 Nine years? I started with a single post (a poem if I remember) followed a year after by more posts. It’s been 8 years of blogging with a total of 1,935 posts so to speak in one single blog. I have five of them, all works in progress but this main blog is where I spend so much time almost every day. A fruitful journey so to speak but when I think of those times that I didn’t know what to write about, when I think of those times that writing was stalled, I almost gave up. There are times though when one is inspired to share about anything under the sun, be it a simple recipe on what you had finer or maybe a complicated one about life itself

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