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Maybe when –

I couldn’t see you anymore

Nor touch your face with my  fingertips

I may learn somehow

to forget

the way it was before.

Maybe when –

I couldn’t call your name anymore

Nor  see the the sun shining on your face

I may perhaps learn

to forget

the way it used to be.

Maybe when  –

Things get rough somehow

and you turn a blind eye

to everything that was

maybe that will be the time

I have to let go.


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All along I thought  it was a cash dispenser some banks usually put up to  make withdrawing money or depositing to an account as easy as ABC. Being a banker for more than twenty years, those words are quite familiar.

Now it carries a different meaning. Some people especially those who use social medial are fond of writing ATM instead of the usual words “at the moment”.  The abbreviations are  probably alright when you are so busy enough  that you use abbreviated words like these but on social media? Again, I have nothing against those who use them constantly in their shout outs.  It must be the fad nowadays and I am out of it.  But using ATM while you are busy updating your Facebook account of some photos you probably took a few hours ago does not jibe well I guess. Unless of course you are in a restaurant eating your lunch or on a beach delighting  in the sun.  Could you say “at the moment” while you are busy swimming?  It is like texting, some people use so many shortened words.

Going along with words just to say that you are “in” sometimes makes it a little funny. “At the moment, I am typing this post” would sound better I guess. I won’t say I am reading ATM while doing the typing, I cannot do that.  Here comes another word that is as familiar.


We always do this to save on time, multitask I mean. Honestly though, we can do things fast one after the other but not at the same time unless maybe you are cooking and it needs to boil for a little while or having your dirty clothes in the washing machine while cleaning. I am familiar with multitasking because I do it all the time.  For me, household chores are easier that way. I sweep the yard while cooking or I sweep the floor while our overhead tank is being filled.

At the moment I am typing this blog post and boiling water for coffee at the same time. It’s multitasking alright.






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