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Going Back To Blogging

There are times when you are inspired to write but nothing comes  out once you start typing. Does that happen to you too? I’ve wanted to write a post these past few days but I always get stalled somewhere. I don’t  know why. Maybe, the inspiration  is lacking.

I am glad though that I finally reached 452,00 plus stats and about 2,100 followers including my 90 plus ones at Twitter. It is quite hard to reach a number when you don’t know if most of your followers read your posts. Having a few who are loyal enough in liking and commenting is something to admire and to love. I do love reading your comments no matter how long or how short they are. It only means that you are interested to  know what I write here.

Yes, really, it’s been a while. I wonder when I’ll be able to blog without being too conscious of what I write. I still commit lots of typing errors in between, those added letters that are not supposed to be there at all or some underlined words that are misspelled. Awkward and clumsy fingers to the max, if I may say. Gone are those days when I type so fast without errors. Gone are those days when I don’t even look at the keyboard when I type.

I was bitten by our remaining dog Noki. I was  busy with his neck collar when he suddenly bit my left hand. It was so surprising that a gentle dog like he is has suddenly become ferocious. I had two sessions of anti-rabies vaccine and anti-tetanus injection.  One more to go next week. Noki is under observation until February 13.  He does not go out. He just play around the yard most of the time. His anti-rabies injection though was more than a year ago. On top of my other medications. the hospital gave me antibiotics to take for seven days.

Gosh, when it rains,it pours.




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