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I don’t know the exact  English word for this fruit that we locally call balimbing. It is  just simply called star fruit. It has a scientific name Averrhoa carambola  I  chanced upon it in one of the fruit stalls near the church so I bought a kilo which sells at P20 pesos. I  haven’t tasted this fruit for decades, it is really not that popular. The taste is a little bland, not even sour or sweet but is is juicy. You have to dip it in a little salt before you eat it.


Did you know that this fruit is associated with  politicians here in our country? Balimbing is also  a slang  word for a traitor or a turncoat. This is because the this  has many sides. Politicians who change parties or loyalties based on who’s currently has authority are frequently called balimbing. And there are plenty of them here, almost all of them actually. They align themselves to who is in power at the moment disregarding the previous political party where they are affiliated.  It is such a shame really since most politicians in power are corrupt  and traditional politicians make false promises, buy votes just to win  and perpetuate themselves in power.   Oh yes, they are called balimbing.

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403 Forbidden

Have you ever  encountered this message while logging in to your account  here at WordPress.  Yesterday, while I tried to log in I had this message on my PC.  I’ve been using Firefox for the longest time  and it was only now that I encountered such. I got a headache  reading those  comments by bloggers who had similar problem like I did. I also search how it could go back to normal but since I am not a techy, it is so hard to understand everything.

I’ve finally switched to Chrome and it is going great. I wonder why we encounter these errors. It is time-consuming to look for solutions that are never there.  It is just crazy.  Learning  the use of Chrome all over again.

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