Archive for June 7th, 2016

For a while there, I got confused.  WordPress is doing a lot of changes and it is sometimes hard to catch up when you don’t blog regularly. My dashboard seems to have taken a different format. I was looking for the WP Admin on the upper left side  only to find it relegated at the lowest portion of the dashboard. I am of the old school (haha) preferring the old format even when posting. I’d rather see the bar graph on my stats than just the numbers pasted on the screen. It is easier to interpret the former because you can compare how your blog did the past days to your newest post.

I am rather careful before I hit publish because when you do the editing, it reverts to the new format and sometimes even the alignment goes crazy. Is it just me? Are you experiencing it too?

Anyway, despite all the changes I am grateful that there is this medium where I can share my thoughts and find new friends.  Thank you WordPress!

Oh, this is my 1,803rd post. Hooray 🙂



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