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When you are used to writing and sharing your thoughts online, the day  seems kind of lacking when you can’t blog. It’s not because you were lazy but simply because you were busy. The truth is, my computer finally gave up on me. Josef says it is time to change our CPU.

I will have to get used to writing a post through my tab. I hate this auto-correct feature of new phones nowadays because I tend to correct more words in the process and typing letters on one finger is gross 🙂  I have a new phone with an 8MP camera  which Nissa gave me as a gift last Christmas. Imagine using three phones with four separate numbers in three networks. I wonder how I will attach photos here since  my  Canon Ixus  cam app is in my documents file. Really crazy!

Have you ever heard of a Himalayan salt lamp? A friend gifted me with one last Christmas. I swear sometimes I can’t even hear the alarm clock  because I was deep in slumberland. It has health properties. I made some research on its benefits and there are lots. Another friend asked me where I bought it, she used to have one but it was destroyed by a typhoon years ago. Here’s how it looks when it is  lighted.


Here’s hoping for more fruitful days of blogging. Here’s hoping to meet more wonderful bloggers here on WordPress. Have a nice day everyone 🙂

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