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Sometimes, listening to news on the radio  or watching news on television give you that feeling that all they ever discuss is about the Bangsamoro Basic Law and  the Binays. I seldom write political blogs except for that time when Supreme Court Justice  Corona was impeached a few years ago. It was one event that I religiously followed, watching the procedures with mom  from 2pm until about 6pm every day for 41 days until the final verdict by the Senate. He was found guilty.

It’s early yet for presidential election 2016 but then all you see in the news are the exchange of ugly words from the Binay camp and some political figures who have plans to run. Binay is our VP, two of his daughters are in the Senate and Congress respectively, a son is the incumbent mayor of Makati City. Their official spokespersons are caught in their own mud by hurling insults to a neophyte senator questioning her integrity, her qualifications to run for the presidency (if she runs in 2016). It’s way too soon to attack a person who hasn’t even declared she is running.Now they are questioning the validity of her citizenship and just because she was one of those 10 senators who signed an early report/investigation in the Senate stating that there are valid reasons of ill-gotten wealth and corruption  and plunder charges.  The Binays always say that this is just mere “politicking” on the part of the people who don’t want him to be president.  Why don’t they just answer all those questions that are troubling  the people’s minds instead of those evasive tactics that they are doing?  The voters and the people have a right to know the truth. Why would you vote for someone who had questionable dealings in the past? Can they explain their vast wealth  which was allegedly acquired through corruption?

When it comes to choosing a candidate, most Filipino voters go by this, they vote for someone who is popular and who has a fat envelope to give out. Some of us never learn   from the past and some of us are so passive as long as the unfolding of events does not affect us on a personal level.  Perhaps it is about time that we consider those who are honest enough to serve and whose track record is beyond questionable.  Be selective and select the best no matter what his /her political affiliation is. There is a standing joke between my friends and I (this is a fact), some of these dirty politicians  always end up in wheelchairs.

On a positive note, I am so looking forward to the opening of our municipal library. It is now under construction. My son jokingly said that when it opens, I’ll be the first one to visit it. About a year ago, I asked our Mayor if having a library for the people of Cainta was in the can and I was surprised  when he replied that they will start it soon.  We’ve been here for almost twenty years and it’s the first time that we are seeing a new face of our town via countless projects that are now being done. When a politician has a sincere desire to serve his people, we’ll  all be on the right track.


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