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Personally, I have nothing against them – those psychic and fortune tellers who predict  the future, 2015 particularly. I just get irked when I turn on the TV and the more popular TV channels are showing the same format in their shows. This and that TV personality would split up this year, a reporter will die from car accident, there would be more calamities to come.  There are also phoned in texts of televiewers giving their time of birth, birthday and the fortune-teller would say a few words about them as in,  outright? Come on people, I would not even believe that. They are cashing in on the vulnerability of their customers (even radio shows have interviews with psychics). Feng shui experts are on the loose.

Some of us love to believe in luck, that is why, even some important decisions are made based on the suggestions and expertise of these people. I strongly believe that only God knows what happens in our lives. I remember when Nissa got married three years ago and she has to fit the gown before the wedding. Mom said she should not do it because it is bad luck to do so.  You know, our old folks believe in so many myths which they inherited from our ancestors. It would be more of a disaster when  on the wedding day, it would not fit, right? So we defied all the age-old beliefs.

I remember the mass we attended on New Year’s Eve, the priest asked the congregation what year  2015 represents and someone from the back pews answered it is the year of the sheep. The priest said that is a Chinese zodiac.  No offense meant to our Chinese readers here.  Chinese New year does not even begin until February.  I think we inherited our penchant for serving twelve or thirteen fruits on the table during media noche from our Chinese ancestors. Every fruit represents the 12 months in the calendar. It’s tradition! Serving sweets is another tradition that we have because as a family we are supposed to stick together through thick and thin. I buy different fruits during this time not  because I follow the twelve lucky months of the year but I like how they make the table preparations so colorful and they are healthier than the pasta dishes, meat recipes etc. I enjoy tasting the juicy and sweet chico fruits that I only get to see aplenty during new year. There are more traditions that a Filipino family believes in. Please read my post on how a typical Filipino family celebrates the beginning of the year on top of the war-like zones we see in all areas of the Metropolis because of firecrackers and fireworks. Year after year there would be statistics of firecracker victims flashed on news reports but some people never learn. There were thousand of families who lost their homes on the first day of the year just because of some careless throwing of a firecracker that got inside one of the shanties  and razed hundred of homes in Quezon City alone.

“2015 is the year of our Lord”, the priest said.


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