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A Simple Prayer


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Our Precious Bundle of Joy

Nate turned  a year and three months old today. I had a lovely time bonding with him when they came over for a visit. I am simply amazed that he already knows a lot of words. A month ago, he can’t even say Mommy or Daddy properly but now he can even imitate familiar animal sounds like a bark of a dog  or  the meow of a cat but one thing that stands out always in his vocabulary  is the word “baby“.  Every time he sees his pictures  which are  displayed on our wall, he will always say, “baby, baby”. Unlike the previous months when I got so frustrated to take his pictures because he can’t stay in one place, today  he seemed to enjoy facing the camera and even made faces.  Call his name and he would answer “po”, a  very respectful way of addressing elders. Nissa…

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