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Sometimes, you meet people who leaves a nice impression long after they are gone (just a brief encounter)  and you smile at the thought that just by  greeting  each other, it gives a nice feeling of joy.

Yesterday, Josef and I were seated at the second front pew of the church and beside us were a foreign-looking kid and  probably his grandma who smiled at us when the priest said, “Let’s greet each other good morning”.  The kid looked at us long and hard and said in perfect Tagalog  with the right accent and intonation, “Magandang umaga po”.  I smiled, how polite he was.  He sang with us and actively participated in the mass. Even when the priest delivered his homily, he listened intently.  During the communion, he asked my son Josef, “Anong pangalan mo kuya?”. I asked his name in return and he said, “Adam”.  I was curious so I further asked, “How old are you?” and he answered “Twelve”.

A boy of twelve and he knows how to carry a conversation. I was impressed. When we left the church, he said goodbye to us and smiled again.  Maybe, when Nate grows older, we’d talk about things and such and I would be the happiest Nonna in the world.


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